Your dedicated medical devices supplier

15 years experience in distribution of high quality, modern medical devices to clinics and hospitals; carefully selected medical products from various international manufacturers



MLM Medical has emerged in the market of medical devices and equipments distributors in Romania in 2003, specifically addressing to hospitals and medical clinics. Currently, our partners include major state owned hospitals in Romania, as well as private clinics chains, amounting more than 150 medical institutions. At the same time, due to the increased demand from end-users, we also took into account this business opportunity that has proven to be a success story.


MLM Medical distributes a large range of high quality medical devices and medical equipments.


The main criterion of selection for our suppliers refers to the quality of the manufactured products. We put all efforts to establish partnerships with important medical devices manufacturers which can enable us to provide products and services in line with our customers’ expectations.  

Message from General Manager

“We are a team of professionals in the field of medical consumables and specialists paying attention to the needs of the Romanian medical field. Since the company has been established, we have invested in the growth potential of our employees and we constantly support them to improve both at a professional and personal level. We are aware that this approach translates into the interest and care that they will invest back in delivering quality services that reach customers and consumers in the form of high-performance products. “


With enthusiasm and passion for what we do, the MLM Medical team is flexible, dynamic and experienced in different segments of the medical field. We have learned, adapted and evolved over time because we like to offer added value and always be close to our customers through quality and professionalism.

Our customers

Our wide portfolio of customers includes both private and state owned  hospitals, private clinics, summing up over 150 medical institutions in Romania.