MLM Medical

MLM Medical is a distribution company of medical equipment and supplies located in Bucharest. With a comprehensive portfolio of products, the company addresses both medical clinics and pharmacies chains, as well as end customers.


The main differentiating factor in the market is the promptitude we act with and the quality of the products we offer as well as the long-term relationships that we have managed to develop with most of our customers.

Within 15 years of activity we have become a reliable partner for them because we have offered them the optimal solutions for each stage of development and evolution of the company. Thus, showing empathy, respect and trust, we grew up together.


In order to maintain the high level of product quality, our team constantly participates in trade fairs abroad and interacts personally with medical equipment and medical supplies companies in order to choose the suppliers that match the best our values ​​and business vision, and those of our customers. In general, the products are chosen according to the quality-price ratio, which our customers appreciate very much.

The criteria by which suppliers are chosen are the reputation of the factory, worldwide or regionally, the history of the company, and its investment in research, plus the clinical trials it can provide for products of interest.

Over time, market dynamics has led to the introduction of new products in the MLM Medical portfolio. Currently, home care is one of the greatest needs, followed by prevention in all its aspects.

Globally, the proportion of the third-age population is growing at an accelerated pace, which poses a challenge to the public health system as quality services are needed to withstand the pressure on the system in terms of the number of people in need of such services. Although life expectancy has doubled compared to 100 years ago, the conditions we live in today are deeply affected by climate change, diseases and viruses that are spreading faster, but also by the rhythm of life. All these weaken the power of the human body to defend itself. In this context, home care services are becoming a growing necessity.

MLM Medical has expanded its activity from one year to another, which has also been translated into the development of the network of suppliers and of the team. The product portfolio also includes a wide range of offers for all medical specialties: surgery, dermatology, gynecology, dentistry