MLM Medical is a distribution company of medical equipment and supplies located in Bucharest. With a comprehensive portfolio of products, the company addresses both medical clinics and pharmacies chains, as well as end customers.

Product categories

Wound dressings and plasters

Hydro active dressings, post-operative patches, incision drapes, self-adhesive elastic bandages.

Hemostatics and sutures

Resorbable and non-resorbable sutures with different types of needles for any type of surgical intervention provided by Resorba (Germany).

Equipment for operating rooms and medical practices

Blood donor chairs (the most sought ones), treatment tables, examination couches and modern operating tables for various types of surgery, gynecological tables and patient transport chairs.

Surgical instruments

20,000 types of products for the whole range of surgical interventions: laparoscopy, cardiovascular surgery. Made of stainless steel, highly resistant to sterilization. The products for cardiovascular surgery are provided by Allgaier, a German medical device manufacturer whose world-renowned products are distributed in over 80 countries.

Containers for sterilization

MLM Medical products comply with European standards that currently require filter sterilization containers because it eliminates moisture inside the container and ensures heat and humidity transfer between the environment and the interior of the container.

The containers are made of anodized aluminium which makes them lighter than containers made of other materials, and the caps are made of stainless steel with handles covered in silicone protectors for easier transport. Containers can be labelled with sterilization indicators.

Over the past 15 years, MLM Medical has continuously developed its product range while improving the service level in relation to market-specific dynamics and changing needs of patients. We are also constantly pursuing healthcare innovations and constantly adapting our services accordingly.


MLM Medical offers a wide range of high quality medical devices.