MLM Medical is a direct importer of several major global manufacturers with which it has long-term partnerships. Also, the current client portfolio includes most public hospitals as well as clinics and private hospitals with a reputation on the medical services market in Romania.

Present in over 85 countries, and product distributor to more than 400 customers, the Egyptian company produces over 20 consumable lines for which it has several types of certifications (ISO9001: 2008, ISO9001: 2012, BRC, FDA, BSCI, SEDEX, ISO131485: 2003, ISO131485: 2012, CE, ANVISA, SA-8000). The company has also developed an impressive number of production facilities over time, which gives it the opportunity to distribute dressings both in Europe and outside the continent. Thus, Pharmaplast has the capacity to serve many medical markets, of which Germany and Italy are the most important.



Allgaier Medical is a family business since 1953, that has at its centre a team united and attached to the traditional German values, carefully maintained over time. Constantly oriented towards beneficial changes to improve the structure of the company and the products it provides, Allgaier ensures a high quality for its products through a quality management system involving every employee in the sales and technical departments.

Within the company, the production process is partly automated by combining the most sophisticated machines with high employee qualification. The guarantee for the high quality of the medical instruments “made in Germany” also comes from the fact that the products of the company are checked at every stage of production according to the strictest standards, being ergonomic and certified with CE marking. These are used successfully in general, dental surgery and minimal-invasive surgical interventions.


Founded in 1991, the company has now over 500 employees. Recently, it was taken over by the British group of companies Advanced Medical Solutions, specializing in the design, development, manufacture and distribution of innovative, high-performance wound care products, surgical dressings, high quality medical materials and medical adhesives and wound sutures.

Resorba is the world’s leading manufacturer of innovative and technologically advanced products. Focusing on providing the best possible results for patients, Resorba produces a wide range of products and materials, including of silver or other alloys, foams, tissue, suture, and hemostatic adhesives. They are sold under their own brands ActivHeal®, LiquiBand® and RESORBA®.

The company’s products are made in two UK centres, one in the Netherlands, two in Germany and one in the Czech Republic. Also, they are sold in 70 countries through a network of multinational and regional partners and distributors, as well as through direct sales in the UK, Germany, the Czech Republic and Russia.


The products are used by doctors in nearly 80 countries around the world, in the most demanding markets and in the most difficult conditions.

Beyond the quality of the products, the company’s reputation is also sustained by the priority investment in qualified staff. Thanks to the commitment of a team of high-class specialists, backed by modern production equipment and unique technological solutions developed over the years, Famed products have an exceptional reputation, helping to improve the quality of healthcare around the world.



The company’s vision is to provide high quality products at the right prices, in accordance with customers’ requirements and expectations. The company also protects its position in the sector through the use of stocks, through continuous investment in technology and the development of new products.


Okcel acts as an independent division of Synthesia Group with over 20 years of experience in the production of absorbable, biodegradable and biocompatible oxidized cellulose hemostatic compresses. Company products are used annually in over 3.5 billion surgical operations on 4 continents.

The vision of the parent company is based on the innovation of the production and technology used, the provision of complex solutions and services able to complement the products, the placement of the quality before quantity, the orientation towards long-term relationships with the customers, as well as the offering of a varied portfolio of environment-friendly solutions.



Leader of the Spanish market for disposable dressings, Texpol has modern facilities located in Manresa with a production centre of over 17,000 square meters equipped with advanced technological equipment, sterilization process and own laboratories approved by health agencies, so that it can cover, according to the highest standards, all phases of the production process.